We have collected the most frequently asked questions on our website. Get answers on questions like, what to do if the bicycle is flat.

I need to return the bike outside of your opening hours. What do I do?

It is possible to park the bicycle outside the store and enter the key in our letterbox on the door. We recommend that Cargobike be delivered as much as possible during the opening hours, alternatively by appointment.

What do I do if the bicycle is flat, broken or otherwise exposed to vandalism?

Our bikes are newer bikes in good condition, with good tires, so normally no problems arise. But of course, you can be unlucky. Come down with the bike and we’ll give you a new bike, free of charge. If you are not nearby, you can take the bike for free with the S-toget (S-train). If problems occur outside our opening hours, we are unfortunately unable to assist you. We do not refund paid rent or repair done elsewhere, but conversely you will not be charged any fee for repair of the rented bike if the damage is due to normal use, and not vandalism. Warfare or other damage to the rented bicycle due to improper use, violence and the like, is charged according to our normal workshop prices.

What do I do if the bike is stolen?

It is important to always lock the bicycle when you are not using it, and need to leave it somewhere. All bikes are fitted with a frame mounted lock. We recommend that you rent a chainlock together with the bike so that the bike can be locked to a fixed object. This minimizes the risk of theft. So far, we have not lost any bikes. If the bicycle does get unfortunately stolen, it is your own insurance that will cover the replacement of the bicycle as we do not have the opportunity to offer an insurance. The replacement price for city bikes is: 3.700, – DKK, for cargobikes: up to 15,000 DKK.

Can i rent a bike for a longer period, like 3 month?

Yes, you can. Contact us for a price if you want to rent a bike more than 4 weeks.

Is there light on your bikes?

Yes, all bikes are equipped with good LED light, so you only have to think about cycling

Is it mandatory to ride a bicycle helmet?

No it is not. However, we recommend using bicycle helmets for your safety. You can rent a helmet with the bike.

Can I buy one of your rental bikes?

Yes you can. We regularly replace the bicycles so all our bikes are in good condition. The bicycles are serviced before sale and are sold with 6 months warranty. You may visit our store Barholt Cykler for further details.